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Speakers Bureau

The following WCPA Psychologists are available to offer presentations to both professionals and the community. Each psychologist listed has contact information, areas of expertise and a brief bio. 

Please note that the views expressed by the speakers represent their point of view. They do not necessarily represent the views of WCPA. 




Michelle Brody, Ph.D.
77 Soundview Ave. White Plains, NY 10606
Telephone:  914-707-0729           
Psychologist, Couples Therapist, Executive Coach

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations
Stop the Fight! How to Use Illustrations to Help Couples See Their Way Out of the Most Common Relationship Conflicts. Other topics include many specific kinds of fights and couples relationship dynamics.

Pro Bono: Yes

Professional Experience
Michelle Brody, Ph.D., is an executive coach, clinical psychologist, author and couples coach. She specializes in resolving relational conflict; helping individuals make significant change in their relationships, their business effectiveness, and themselves.


Jeanette Sawyer Cohen, Ph.D. 
80 N. Central Ave. #305 Hartsdale, NY 10530
Telephone:  347-514-9654
Clinical Psychologist and Child Development Consultant

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
Managing Challenging Behavior/ Limit Setting; Autism; Social-Emotional Development; Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience
Dr. Sawyer Cohen is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology in Pediatrics at NYPH Weill Cornell, Co-Founder Think Little Inc., and the Senior Consulting Psychologist at the NY Center for Child Development.



Leslie Cunningham, Ph.D.           
25 Barclay Rd. Scarsdale, NY 10583
Telephone:  914-721-0421 cell: 804-363-8764
Director of the Center for Chronic Medical Conditions; Associate Director, Pediatric Assessment Center at the Child and Family Institute in Scarsdale, NY               

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations
Psychological Adjustment of Children, Young Adults, and Adults with Chronic or Terminal Medical Conditions; Neurocognitive Sequelae of Various Chronic Medical Conditions

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
Dr. Cunningham has worked at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital at Montefiore/Albert Einstein Medical School. Her clinical work focuses on the adjustment of children and young adults to a chronic or life-threatening illness, adherence to medical treatment, cognitive-behavioral interventions to address chronic pain, and anticipatory grief and bereavement. She also conducts neuropsychological evaluations with patients who are at risk for learning and processing deficits secondary to the neurotoxicity from cancer-directed treatment or prolonged severe anemia.



Tara Deliberto, Ph.D.
21 Bloomindale Rd., White Plains, NY 10605
Telephone:  914-997-5865                           
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Weil Cornell Medical Center, Director Eating Disorders Partial Hospitalization Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital       

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
Treatment of Eating Disorders Across the Lifespan, Including Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
Dr. Deliberto is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, Weill Cornell Medicine; Director, Eating Disorders Partial Hospitalization Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She is also Co-creator of BITE, a comprehensive treatment for anorexia nervosa, based on behavioral theory.



Caren Baruch-Feldman, Ph.D.
65 Ernest Dr. Scarsdale, NY 10583
Telephone:  914-646-9030                           
Private Practice, School Psychologist, Author     

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
The Keys to Teen Success: Increasing Grit, Self-Control, and a Positive Mindset; Character Strengths for 21st Century Learners; Helping Children and Teens with Worry and Stress      

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman is a clinical psychologist and a certified school psychologist. She maintains a private practice in Scarsdale and works part-time as a school psychologist for the Harrison School District. Giving workshops and now writing her first book, titled The Grit Guide for Teens: A Workbook to Help You Build Perseverance, Self-Control, and a Growth Mindset are the highlights of her work.



Constance Haslett, Ph.D.
10 Southminster Drive
White Plains, NY 10604
Telephone: 914-686-8178

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations  
Teens and managing stress in the college application process; eating and sleeping issues of young children.

Pro Bono: Maybe  

Professional Experience 
Supervisor, Vising Faculty and Director of Continuing Education of the Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy; Former President, Division of Women's Interests of Westchester County Psychological Association; and former executive board member of Westchester Center for Psychological Education;


Gloria Batkin Kahn, Ed.D, ABPP
169 West St. White Plains, NY 10605
Telephone: 914-428-0957
Private Practice

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
Dealing with Remarriage or Divorce; Parenting Adolescents; Creating Loving Families; Communication in Couples; Understanding the Neurology Behind Anger Outbursts; Managing Emotion        

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
A longtime Westchester resident, she attended Vassar College, then Columbia University receiving her Diploma in Group Therapy. Dr. Batkin Kahn has served as Past President of WCPA, Past President of West Group Therapy Association, and Past President of the American Board of Group Psychotherapy.



Barbara Kapetanakes, Psy.D.     
239 North Broadway Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591                   
Telephone: 914-332-9194
Private Practice

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
Practice Building; Neuropsychology; Divorce; Adolescents; College Transition; Special Education/Learning Issues              

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience
Dr. Kapetanakes received her MSEd/PsyD from Pace University completing post-docs in neuropsychology and psychopharmacology. She was a school psychologist for several years, now in full time private practice. She also has 20 years of experience as an adjunct professor at many local colleges.


Cassandra Klebanoff, Psy.D
180 S Broadway, Suite 400, White Plains, NY 10605

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations 
Stress Reduction and Mindfulness; Adjustment to College; LGBTQ+ Relationship Concerns; Intimate Partner Violence; Sexual Assault and Consent; Invisible Identities

Pro Bono: Yes

Professional Experience
Cassandra Klebanoff, Psy.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in White Plains, NY and working in a group practice in Pleasantville, NY. Her practice specializes working with LGBTQ+ people, individuals who are recovering from trauma, and women’s issues. Her previous work in University and College Counseling Centers gave her opportunities to work clinically with individuals on issues of sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse and intimate partner violence, as well as give presentations covering these issues and more.




Anne H. Meltzer, Psy.D.              
15 Leatherstocking Ln. Scarsdale, NY 10583
Telephone: 914-722-0042            
Private Practice, Consultant to NYC, Westchester, and Rockland Family and Criminal Courts         

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
Forensic Evaluations of Alleged Child Sexual Abuse         

Pro Bono: No

Professional Experience
Dr. Meltzer has evaluated over 800 children alleged to have been abused. She has testified over 400 times in Family and Supreme Courts. She is also a consultant to ACS and CPS in NYC and surrounding counties.



Paul Moglia, Ph.D.         
984 North Broadway, Suite 411  Yonkers, NY 10701          
Telephone: 914-964-0336            
Associate Residency Director, Family Medicine, Director of Faculty Development, South Nassau Communities Hospital, Oceanside, NY   

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
ADD; Chronic Illness; Alcoholism/Substance Abuse; Family Dynamics; Family Coping with Illness; Death and Dying; Coping with Stress; Self-Esteem; Mindfulness

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
Dr. Moglia obtained his MA and PhD in counseling psychology from Boston College. He completed a fellowship sponsored by Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has been in full time private practice in Westchester and Nassau counties since 1991, is the editor or co-editor of 22 volumes of health and wellness-relateed series and is the author of over 60 articles.



Jacqueline Horner Plumez, Ph.D.            
90 Beechtree Dr., Larchmont, NY 10538
Telephone: 914-834-1982            
Private Practice

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
The Bitch in Your Head: How to Finally Squash Your Inner Critic; Everything You Always Wanted to Ask a Psychologist- Q&A               

Pro Bono: Maybe            

Professional Experience
Dr. Plumez received her Ph.D. from Columbia University; and was given the Distinguished Psychologist and Distinguished Service Awards by CuCPA and the 2015 Service to Humanities Award by Bucknell University. She has written 4 books including Mother Power and The Bitch in Your Head. She has appeared on the Today Show and Good Morning America.



Trupti Rao, Psy.D.           
37 Saw Mill River Rd. Suite GC Hawthorne, NY 10532       
Telephone: 914-495-3990 ext. 1
Private Practice

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations
Disabilities; Children's Development and Mental Health; Understanding Assessments; Trauma  

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
Dr. Rao has provided training at both the local and national level on topics related to developmental disabilities, trauma, and the child welfare system.




Kenneth Reinhard, Ph.D., ABPP
17 Dailey Dr. Croton, NY 10520
Telephone: 914-523-6619
President Westchester County Psychological Association             

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
Any Topic on Stress, Anxiety, or Fear; Effective Use of Individual and Group Therapy to Treat PTSD and Anxiety Disorders

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
Dr. Reinhard was the Director of VA Anxiety Disorder Clinic treating PTSD in combat veterans, 9/11 Trauma, Family Trauma and Marital and Family Crisis for 37 years. Currently in private practice, he also does executive coaching, particularly on acute stress and burnout.  






Erica Saxe Ross, Ph.D.   
250 East Hartsdale Ave. Hartsdale, NY 10573       
Telephone: 914-725-2520            
Private Practice

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
Helping Kids Learn Self-Control in an Out of Control World; Children and Teens Can Manage Their Anxiety; Building and Maintaining Confidence for Children and Teens

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
Erica Saxe Ross is an experienced psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and works with children, teens and adults in her Hartsdale office. She is a co-founder of Tool Kits for Kids, providing comprehensive Tool Kits to help children and teens deal with anxiety, boost self-esteem and build resilience. She is also Past President of the Westchester County Psychological Association and continues to serve on the Board.



Helene Walisever, Ph.D.             
185 Heathcote Rd. Scarsdale, NY 10583 
Telephone: 914-722-0907            
Member of Education Advisory Board, Tourette Association of America

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
Impact of Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders on Learning: Strategies and Interventions

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
Helense Walisever, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and education advocate. She serves as the chair of NY Hudson Valley Chapter of Tourette Association of America. She provides in-service training to educators and allied professionals on Tourette's in the classroom as well as management, strategies and support.



Adam Weissman, Ph.D. and CFI Team
123 W. 93rd St., Apt. 4A New York, NY 10025      
Telephone: 914-439-5759
CEO and Executive Director, The Child & Family Institute              

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations
Youth Anxiety; OCD; Trauma; Selective Mutism; Habit Reversal Training for Ticks/Trich/Habit Disorders; Parenting the Anxious Child; Parenting the Defiant Child; ADHD; Positive Parenting; Youth Depression; CBT for Chronic Mental Conditions/ Psycho-oncology/Pain; Pediatric Assessment; LGBTQ+ Issues in Therapy; DBT; ACT/Mindfulness; Autism; Maternal Mental Health; Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety; Child/Adolescent Psychopharmacology; Nutrition; Speech Therapy; OT; How to Start an Interdisciplinary Health Practice    

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
Adam S. Weissman, Ph.D. is the Founder and Executive Director of The Child & Family Institute (CFI) in New York, an interdisciplinary behavioral health center for children, families, and young adults. He is an expert in the treatment of a wide range of youth anxiety, mood, attention, behavior, and habit disorders and related conditions. Dr. Weissman has 25 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, 3 edited books, and over 50 professional presentations, the majority focusing on the differential diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of youth anxiety and related disorders.



James K. Zimmerman, Ph.D.      
1 S. Broadway #1E White Plains, NY 10601
Telephone: 914-741-6240
Private practice

Areas of Expertise/Titles of Presentations         
Psychotherapy and Meditation; Adolescent Development; Adolescent Suicide 

Pro Bono: Yes   

Professional Experience             
Dr. Zimmerman earned his Ph.D. at CUNY. He worked as the Director of Adolescent Depression and Suicide Program, Montefiore Medical Center from 1989-1992 and Program Director, Adolescent Inpatient Unit, Holliswood Hospital from 1992-1993. He then entered private practice in 1993. Dr. Zimmerman edited Treatment Approaches with Suicidal Adolescents (John Wiley, 1995).