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Test Kit Library

The test Kit Library is a co-op established as a way to allow clinicians access to an array of testing materials and resources that they may not use regularly in their practice, but would like use on occasion. Thus, the library uses all library membership funds to purchase testing materials and related forms that fit this description. Library members who wish to offer their personally owned testing materials for occasional lending can do so on a completely voluntary basis.  These materials are not published, as they do not belong to the library, but given members' generosity, this has allowed an extensive list of tests available beyond those owned by the library.  When borrowing a test that is personally owned, we ask that you reimburse the owner for any forms you use. 

For a fee of $70.00 (for the first year) and $50.00 thereafter without a lapse, Library members interested in borrowing tests can email Jonathan Sinowitz, the library coordinator, at drjsinowitz@aol.com to make borrowing arrangements.  Test lending is first come, first serve and the period of lending is typically from two days to a week, to allow for multiple lending requests to be met.

To download the Borrower's Agreement, please click here.

Any questions can be directed to Dr. Sinowitz.