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Psychological Links

National, Regional, State,
and Local Psychological Associations

American Psychological Association

Association for Psychological Science

Eastern Psychological Association

New York State Psychological Association

Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society

Westchester Group Psychotherapy Society

Rockland County Psychological Society

Association for Women in Psychology

Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Associations in Psychology



Some Interesting
Psychology Sites on the Internet

Resources in Psychology on Amoeba Web

Classics in the History of Psychology

Psychology and Religion Pages

Psych Web

Psychology Conferences Worldwide

Encyclopedia of Psychology

Social Psychology Network

NYS Office of the Professions (Psychology)

Crisis Prevention Response Team

Other Resources

If your favorite Psychology site is not listed here and you'd like to see it added to the group, send an e-mail with the link to Ms. Alma Longsworth. It will be reviewed for inclusion on the list at our earliest convenience.