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Thank you for your interest in joining the Westchester County Psychological Association (WCPA). 

There are many reasons to join and continue your membership in The Westchester County Psychological Association. Here are the Top Ten Reasons:

1. Stay Informed: Members are kept informed about critical issues affecting psychologists such as HIPAA requirements, obtaining an NPI number and up-to-date material about local mental health hospitals. Information about the new CPT codes, DSM V, ICD-10 and telehealth risk factors are forthcoming.

2. Active Communication with Members: The Westchester Psychologist is sent to all members electronically. Members receive emails regarding workshops and meetings. WCPA has a website as well as a Facebook presence.

3. Networking Opportunities: Division workshops, meetings and social gatherings offer varied opportunities to connect with members. Through WCPA, members have developed collegial relationships, lifelong friendships, peer groups and business associations.

4. Informative Workshops and CE Credits: Workshops, book discussions and division meetings are held throughout the year. An Annual meeting (featuring a Keynote Speaker and Distinguished Service Award) is held in May. WCPE, the educational branch, is approved by APA to offer CE credits for psychologists. We are one of the few county Psychological Associations with this capability.

5. Four Divisions Represented: WCPA offers membership in four Divisions – Clinical, School, Academic, Gender and Culture and School. All Divisions offer special workshops of interest to its members.


6. Referral Service Available: For just $30 a year, interested members can join WCPA’s Referral Service, which provides referral information to the community. We compile a list of NYS licensed psychologists with their specialties, along with information regarding insurance providers.

7. Special Services for Members: Members can participate in a Speaker’s Bureau, A Test Kit Library Service (which lends a wide range of test materials) and a Group Therapy Exchange (which is a county-wide listing of therapy groups run by psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists). WCPA also has a Representative for State Disaster Relief, which helps organize WCPA members in times of crisis in the community.

8. Listing of Members Achievements: WCPA maintains a listing of Members In Print on our website (which includes a brief description of a book, article or other published work). News About Members (including awards, presentations, publications and other professional achievements) are listed in The Westchester Psychologist as well as online.

9. Legal and Ethical Issues Addressed: WCPA’s Representative to NYSPA keeps the Board and its members informed about critical issues facing New York State psychologists. WCPA has an Ethics Committee, which provides information, education and referrals.

10. Student Members Get One Year Membership Free: In an effort to attract younger members, WCPA offers one year of free membership for graduate students.

The information provided below delineates the various classes and requirements for members in the Association.

Membership and Dues
1.     The Association shall consist of three classes of Membership:

a. Full Membership
b. Early Career Members
c. Associate Members
c. Student Affiliate
e. Life Members

2.     Persons applying for Membership shall:

a. subscribe to the purposes of the Association
b. maintain ethical standards of professional conduct as set forth  by the American Psychological Association.
c. live, work, or be matriculated in an educational program in Westchester County or a neighboring county (see “associate membership” ).

3.    Membership Requirements:

A)  Full Members:   Psychologists applying for Full Membership status must have completed a terminal graduate degree in the field of psychology (e.g., MA, Ph.D., Psy.D.)

Regular Members or Fellows of the American Psychological Association or Regular Members of the New York State Psychological Association or Psychologists licensed under Article 153 of the Education Law of New York State, as amended, or School Psychologists certified under Article 143 shall qualify for Full Membership status. Any person engaged in private practice must be licensed under Article 153. 

B) Associate Membership: Psychologists applying for Associate Membership status shall have a Master’s Degree in psychology but not meet the criteria for full membership, or meet criteria for Full Membership but do not live or work in Westchester County.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS shall be entitled to rights and privileges of full members, except for the right to vote and hold office.   

C) Student Affiliates: Individuals applying for Student Affiliate status shall be persons who are matriculated and enrolled students in either a recognized graduate psychology program, or in a college or university as undergraduate psychology majors, which shall be attested to in a reference from a faculty member of the psychology department.
STUDENT AFFILIATES shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of full members except for the right to vote and hold office. 

4.         To Become a Member of the Association
Persons eligible for membership may be elected to and become members of the Association upon fulfilling the following requirements:

    A) They must submit an application for membership,  along with 1st year dues payment. The application shall include a statement of the applicant's professional qualifications.  This application shall be viewed by the Membership Committee.  If the requirements are met, the Committee will recommend that the Board of Directors approve membership at its next meeting.

    B) After approval by the Board of Directors, the applicant will be notified of their acceptance.  At that  time, the applicant will be invited to participate in additional services offered by the Association.

5.         Dues

    A. All Association dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

B. Any member who has not paid his dues for one year shall no longer be considered to be a member in good standing.   Such a member may be reinstated by paying the dues for the current year and resubmitting an application for membership.   

C.  Dues Reduction

1. Full Members who wish to change their status to Life Member and have reached the age of 68 years, have been members in good standing for at least 10 years, and who are fully retired, may apply to the Board of Directors for approval of partial dues reduction.

2. Early Career Psychologists, defined as applying for their first year of membership within their first three years after completing a graduate program, are eligible for a dues reduction. 

3. Student Affiliates are eligible for a dues reduction.

6.      Waiver of Membership Requirements

The requirements set forth for election to Full Member or Associate Member status may be waived in special cases by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors at a regular Board of Directors meeting. Notwithstanding the waiver of normal membership requirements, the applicant shall subscribe to the purposes of the Association and maintain the ethical standards of professional conduct set forth by the American Psychological Association. Members elected in this manner shall have the status and privileges of the membership class to which they are elected. They shall be required to pay membership dues unless this is explicitly waived by vote of the Board of Directors.

Please note:  The WCPA operates on a fiscal year (May 1 through April 30).  The Board of Directors meet every third Wednesday in alternate months beginning in September; the last meeting is held in May.