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The WCPA Listserv

The WCPA Listserv is being cosponsored with NYSPA, but you do not have to be a member of NYSPA to participate in WCPA's Listserv. The purpose of the Listserv is to facilitate communication between WCPA members. It can be used for discussion, referrals, professional questions, announcements and other professional posts.

How to Join the Listserv

If you are interested in joining, let us know by emailing Bill Golden at williamgoldenphd@gmail.com. In your    email identify yourself by name and the email address that you want used for the Listserv. Further details and    instructions will follow after you join. If you have any questions about the project contact Bill Golden at (914) 762-2986.

General Rules for using the WCPA Listserv

Maintain confidentiality. Follow HIPAA laws. Do not disclose any patient information including patients'  names.

Do NOT use the Listserv for:

• Commercial use (psychological services are not allowed). However, announcements that provide useful  professional information to the list serve members but also have incidental commercial benefit to the sender would be allowed (e.g., workshops, groups and presentations).
• Advertising office space  (although members may post their interest in seeking office space). 
• Unsolicited advertising.
•  Chain letters.
•  For any communication that could be construed in any way as support for, or opposition to any candidate for a federal, state or local public office.
•  The advocation for issues that are not on WCPA, NYSPA’s or APA's agenda (e.g., minimum wage, Amnesty International, etc.) are not to be placed on WCPA’s Listserv, no matter how worthy the cause.
• Defamation, violation of intellectual property laws, violation of antitrust or unfair competition laws or    violation of criminal laws.
You May Use the Listserv for:
• Postings that pertain to psychologists and psychological issues.
• A forum for sharing information and community building. The Listserv is a place where differences of opinion can be aired.

DISCLAIMER: This list serve is to be used only for informal networking by WCPA members. NYSPA and WCPA, its' members and participants   are not responsible for the actions of other professionals referred to, and cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for the outcome of any  referral that may occur as a result of this networking process. All members and participants of this networking forum shall be held harmless for any   consequences of referrals that may be made as a result of the networking efforts of people utilizing this site. WCPA and NYSPA accept no responsibility for the opinions and information posted on this list serve by others.